Sometimes, All It Takes Is

A Cup Of Coffee

Read my exciting, funny story and get honest (sometimes too much honest..) tips and insights

Can one cup of coffee change your life?

Haleli Smadar used to live in the suburbs. Married with two toddlers and working in her dream career as a journalist, everyone, including herself, expected her to be happy.
The problem?
She wasn’t.
She felt numb. Empty. She knew that something was lacking. Something had to change. When Haleli finally started asking herself the difficult questions that really mattered, she was able to peel back the layers to get to the core of the problem.

"One morning, I was sitting in my garden, enjoying my daily ‘me time’ cup of coffee. The kids were at day-care, my husband was at work. It was peaceful, quiet, and sunny. Just me and a huge old olive tree. Nothing out of the ordinary. But this day was not like every other day. By the time I finished my coffee, my life had changed, and would never be the same".

What was in that coffee??

“However” brings you her unapologetic, uncompromising voice.

In this short easy read she will tell you exactly how to make your coffee, and what all of this has to do with a small kitten, some laundry and one or two Guinness world records.

coffee cup small

Her story begins with a heart break, that made her realize:

Life is short and fragile. It’s time to stop dreaming and start living your dreams.

"I didn’t have money or knowledge. But I did it anyway. I still do. No big bank accounts, no big sparkling fake smiles showoffs. Let me tell you in person, my extraordinary story. It might inspire you and change your life".

Sit back and enjoy 🙂

The book can be read in a single sitting while you’re enjoying your cup of coffee. It’s just 38 pages but it contains incredible tips and stories that will make you smile and save you a lot of time.

It’s all in the simple decisions and actions that we take without even realizing it.

When you start reading it, you’re going to learn:

If you’re interested in finding happiness in your own life, it’s time to go on a little adventure with Haleli. As to why the book is named HOWEVER, you’ll find out on page…nevermind…I don’t want to spoil the fun for you.

my coffee break

About Me

My Name is Haleli Smadar, I’m an ordinary mother living an extraordinary life of adventure with my three children. We have been traveling the world for over 10 years, and I draw on my experiences to create stories of all kinds. A professional writer since the age of 18, I was living a regular suburban mom lifestyle in Israel until one day I realized I wanted more out of life: more adventure, more freedom, more passion…and less mundanity.​