Sometimes, All It Takes Is

A Cup Of Coffee

Read my exciting story and get a totally different perspective on life, money and even yourself..

Can one cup of coffee change your life?

Haleli Smadar used to live in the suburbs. Married with two toddlers and working in her dream career as a journalist, everyone, including herself, expected her to be happy.
The problem?
She wasn’t.
She felt numb. Empty. She knew that something was lacking. Something had to change. When Haleli finally started asking herself the difficult questions that really mattered, she was able to peel back the layers to get to the core of the problem.

"One morning, I was sitting in my garden, enjoying my daily ‘me time’ cup of coffee. The kids were at day-care, my husband was at work. It was peaceful, quiet, and sunny. Just me and a huge old olive tree. Nothing out of the ordinary. But this day was not like every other day. By the time I finished my coffee, my life had changed, and would never be the same".

Now, you are probably asking yourself 'What did she put in that coffee'??

Well, everything she put is written right here >>

In this short easy read she will tell you exactly how to make your coffee, and what all of this has to do with a small kitten, some laundry and one very surprising turning point..

Because in the end – It’s all in the simple decisions and actions that we take without even realizing it.


Her story begins with a heart break, that made her realize:

Life is short and fragile. your life matter. your dreams matter. It’s time to stop dreaming and start living your dreams.

"I didn’t have money or knowledge. But I did it anyway. I still do. No big bank accounts, no big sparkling fake smiles showoffs. Let me tell you in person, my extraordinary story. And if you also have something that you always wanted to do, but never did, It might inspire you and change your life".

coffee cup small

“However” brings you her unapologetic, uncompromising voice. She writes very honestly and casually, but the biggest quality about her story is that it will immediately make you learn more about yourself and your own life.

"All this begs the question:

if it’s so easy to change your life, how come so many people still live a kind of semi-existence, traversing the periphery of their existence, unaware that real change doesn’t require a bundle of notes… or a two-hundred-dollar-an-hour therapist?" ~ chapter 1.

"The Israeli prime minister had

his high command officers huddled around him, flutes of bubbly held aloft. He did this thing every year. This was all old hat.. Until he asked me to join the photo". ~ Chapter 2

"Three months later, my father was still alive

and kicking. He was a soldier and a fighter, and the most optimistic man I have ever known. He promised me that he would win this fight". ~ Chapter 3

"I see so many people talking about how they made a lot of money,

how they started with nothing and today earn x number of dollars a day. Big shakes; who cares? For me, it’s missing the point. The bigger question is: what are you going to spend your money on? Sneakers? Or something that’s going to mean something? ~ Chapter 4

"We hurriedly hopped on bikes and pedaled across the length of the island,

saying rushed goodbyes to the bamboo huts, banana trees and thick tropical jungle. We boarded a small ferry for an hour’s crossing to a larger island, watching the dolphins playing around in the endless blue water. That was pretty, but we were on the move!" ~ Chapter 5

"It was so easy for people to tell me to just give up on this dream,

to discard it as if it was just another spare of the moment fantasy. But not for me. I wasn’t prepared to put it out just yet... For those long seven years, I had known what I wanted… and yet I had doubted myself every step of the way. I had believed everyone who had told me that I would be making a huge mistake.." ~ Chapter 6

"The difference between each apricot

is one of the most remarkable examples of the genius of nature. This variety enriches the world and makes it better, stronger, and much more flavorsome. But instead of following nature’s wisdom, we spend our energy on trying to be ‘like everyone else.’ We grow up with this message in so many walks of life, so that at a very young age, it is second nature". ~ Chapter 7

"you don’t need much to make a change in your life.

You certainly don’t need heaps of money. What you do need is one moment of realization. Caffeine-fueled or not, that wake-up call is key". ~ Chapter 8

If you’re interested in finding happiness in your own life, it’s time to go on a little adventure with me >>

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About Me

my name is Haleli Smadar. I was a stay at home mom, carrying 3 kids AND a writing career. I was running on low battery for years. Until one cup of coffee changed my life..But I will tell you all about it on your next coffee break I promise you it's a pretty wild story..😊.