Hi Women,

How are you today?

How were you yesterday? And the day before?

Let me tell you something. . .

If you feel like the days just pass by you, all look the same; That you are super busy but doing nothing at the same time, wasting your life on things you don’t enjoy doing - you are not the only one.
Many women are trapped in a never ending cycle of nothingness. Running all day and yet still being bored.
Having their coffee break be the highlight of their day. Thinking “Well, that’s life. What can I do”.
But… there is something you can do. I know because I used to be exactly the same. Until something happened. Something that made me stand up and make a change.

"One morning, I was sitting in my garden, enjoying my daily ‘me time’ cup of coffee. The kids were at day-care, my husband was at work. It was peaceful, quiet, and sunny. Just me and a huge old olive tree. Nothing out of the ordinary. But this day was not like every other day. By the time I finished my coffee, my life had changed, and would never be the same".

when is your next coffee break?

Because today, I would like to offer you a deal:

Give me one coffee break

and I will show you how to change your “nothingness” to “happiness”.
I have created my newsletter especially to fit your coffee-break scroll.
It’s totally free and it will be the most refreshing thing you will see in your inbox, I promise 😊.

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my name is Haleli Smadar. I was a stay at home mom, carrying 3 kids AND a writing career. I was running on low battery for years. Until one cup of coffee changed my life..But I will tell you all about it on your next coffee break 😊.