My Coffee Break Shake : The To-Do list that makes everyday better

First of all- take a look:

This planner is all about putting your happiness on your everyday list. And making your well-being a priority. 

This is the first step of creating a more exciting, meaningful, and passionate routine. To  start feeling more ALIVE, more happy and motivated.

you only need a few minutes every day to work with this planner, in order to see the change.. :-).

Your coffee break will be perfect for this. 

Start this 30-day-happiness-plan any time you want..even right now : - )

It includes:

You can:

1 . Download it right now as a PDF file and print it yourself. 

>>  You will get a 4-week full daily happiness plan, which you can print again and again, every month if you want to.  

2 . Purchase it as a paper pack notebook from Amazon. 

3. Let’s give it a try – my special offer for all of those with fear of commitment: Download a       7 days “try-out” sample. 

With the planner you will get:

a free ebook

This ebook will inspire you and motivate you to make the change and to create more and more moments of pure happiness.. it contains quotes, lists, stories and unique tools that will make you look at things from a different angle ..

a sequence of supporting emails

I will send you 8 emails - twice a week for 4 weeks, to keep your mind on the right path, encourage you and boost your motivation. And if you have any questions - you will have my personal support.

Here is more info:

1 . First of all you will create a list of happiness and passion-related expereinces that you like doing. You will write down for example: 

It will show you how much you already have, what are the important things that you want to add to your routine, and make it super accessible for you to use it whenever and how much you need.

2 . the second part is easy, fun, and super helpful. This is the first step of lighting up the spark, creating and experiencing moments full of meaning and joy, until it becomes natural and easy. 

You have your daily awareness chart which includes for example:

And then your daily planner which also suggests super fun activities and a daily challenge to spark up your passionate side, to include on your schedule every day.

Weekend looks a bit different, where I challenge you to be little bit more spontaneous and wild..  😊

You also have a special checklist to make sure that you remember to take care of yourself and keep your self maintains on a high scale.

scan the code on the planner to fill in your email – do it on the same day that you start using the planner – so I can send you a bunch of supporting and encouraging emails to keep you motivated and energized.