Under A Different Sky

under a different sky

Allie has never been the type of woman to settle for cozy domesticity and weekend barbecues on the porch. Together with her husband and their three children, she has the rat race behind her to embark on a life of adventures on the open road, exploring all the four corners of the world. She wants a different kind of life for herself and her children, and she knows she never wants to go back.

But when her husband decides to go home and leaves them in a remote Indian village, Allie finds herself struggling to keep the travel dream alive. A shocking assault leaves her badly shaken, and she seeks solace in the arms of her rescuer, Mano. Together with the children, they set off to explore the wilds of Mongolia: the country Allie has always dreamed of visiting. But then her husband drops a bombshell, and Allie finds herself facing the toughest decisions of her life as she navigates a land on the very edge of the world.

Part novel, part travelogue, Under a Different Sky is a thoughtful, thought-provoking book that sets the struggles of the human heart against the fascinating backdrop of Mongolia. Romance, betrayal, family unity and the force of the female spirit all come to the fore as Allie finds the inner strength she never knew she possessed.

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