Let's talk about passion...

It’s not about “following your passion”. You don’t need to know what your passion is or how to find it. It’s more about things that fill you up with energy, love, vitality. And not neglecting or ignoring your needs.. 
Making them an important part of your schedule. Everyday.
So here is all the good stuff: 


my coffee break

Our passion is buried under a pile of laundry...

It's so easy for us to bury our needs, passions, and desires under a list of chores. I wonder what will happen if we do the opposite...

Having a bad day? I had a revelation that changed my whole life. Here’s what happened…

If you are feeling down, sad, or even just numb, please join me for a cup of coffee. I would like to share with you a story. It will only take a few minutes since I wrote it specifically to fit the time frame of one coffee break... 🙂

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And how it affects everything related to your well-being by purchasing one of these books...

Put passion as your choice of color and make it a priority..

Take action and make the change. Color your life with passion. It will not take you more than one coffee break. one. coffee. break, woman.

How to be happy ?

What if you have good health, and a decent salary, and a harmonious family life, but still feel…empty?

read my book about the battle between passion and social standards...

Set on a journey to far away land, explore the culture and the tastes of an untouched tradition, and meet the most amazing people, all through the eyes of a curious passionate woman, who is going to lose everything to win back her freedom..

Passion: How does it affect all aspects in your life, and why...

What does research have to say about adding passion to your everyday routine? Harnessing your happy hormones and letting your passion flow can make you a more patient parent, a more focused worker, and a generally more pleasant human being (not to mention how it affects your sex drive...).

What happens when you lose your lust for life?

While many studies look at the positive impact of pursuing passions, few people take time out to look at the flipside - what are the effects of living without passion? What happens to us when we give up on finding joy? When we strive simply to survive, rather than to thrive?

cover- small size

Read my personal story

What was the right "list" for me, And how I changed my life from a stay at home mom to a world explorer and adventurer... This book makes sure that you Never stop dreaming!


Are you still waiting to be happy?

Chances are that the change is waiting for you, not the other way around. It’s time to make yourself a different kind of ‘to-do’ list...

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